Lori Lewis

Social media management/digital specialist Lori Lewis offers tips on how to differentiate yourself in the social space.

With social media, "doing social" requires no thought.

"Being social" however does.

Being social requires the mentality to serve, entertain, and be so relatable we permit others to be themselves, too.

But all too often, social media content is made up of superficial, forgettable stuff.

So, what if I said there are some pretty small tweaks you can make today in your approach to content that will better differentiate yourself in the social space and be so distinctive, people actually stop doom scrolling to engage with you?

Consider the following behaviors I see every day with the highly engaged brands I serve.

1) They Know The Audience Is Onto Us: Brands/Creators

People have a sense of authenticity and aren’t shy about speaking up when it’s lacking.

Here’s why:

In the past year – engagement with brands has doubled.

Brands add to the enjoyment of interaction on social media.

However, people are paying attention.

They want the same realness in you as they get from friends.

Watch this moment from Christian radio station WGTS/Washington D.C. Johnny & Stacey Stone

Transparency in our lives, in our journeys, is what resonates. Christian or not.

2) They Know Content Needs Balance

Overwhelmingly, brands are starting to look the same.

Mostly noting how brands exploit situations, holidays, and trending topics in an insincere way.

Or they are incessant in asking questions – which becomes so predictable – they move on.

Social media behavior upstages brand distinctiveness.

Brands that only play it funny or “act” curious with questions will begin to feel antiquated and fatiguing.

Too many brands are relying on “LOL” content.

But people are living real lives, and we’re not always “LOL’ing.”

Separate yourself from the pack – do what others won’t or cannot do.

Everything in moderation.

3) They Have A Strong Sense Of “Brand-Self”

Who are you?

What’s the ‘why’ you’re even using social media?

There’s a great exercise in Simon Sinek’s “Find Your Why.”

Your ‘why’ cannot be a result (what you want to “get” out of social media).

Your ‘why’ must be a contribution you offer and the impact it creates to drive the result.

For example:

After going through the exercise - the contribution my company offers is encouragement.

The impact that creates is brands making a more meaningful and memorable mark.

The result ends up creating highly engaged brands for others that are easily monetizable.

To be a sustainable brand, you must be self-aware – you must know how to find your ‘why.’

It’s never too late to rewrite your approach to stand out and become even more engaging.

Lori Lewis is the founder of Lori Lewis Media, a social media management, marketing, and monetization firm. A former air talent and programmer, Lewis has held social media and digital management positions at Cumulus Media/Westwood One, Jacobs Media and Midwest Communications. Reach her at lori@lorilewismedia.com.


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